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  Joey Lauren Adams

  Before she was Chasing Amy she made sure that Bud Bundy became a man!

  Christina Aguilera

  Forget Ginger -vs- Maryann. What about Christina -vs- Britney! We pick Christina.


  An amazing talent and beauty who left us way too soon. See one of her last big public appearences.

  Gillian Anderson

  See the X-Files star showing a little something X-tra!

  Pamela Anderson

  The former wife of Tommy Lee and future wife of Kid Rock...

  Gabrielle Anwar

  See the star of "Scent of a Woman" like never before!

  Jennifer Aniston
  Does this successful "Friends" star need to work on her "back-end" deals.

  Christina Applegate
  The sexy star of "Married With Children" is all growns'd up!

  Tyra Banks
  Due to a recent string of bra burglaries...

  Drew Barrymore
  What wild ride it's been so far for this amazing actress...

  Annette Bening
  Can you say "Mommy!" - She gets better every year, see for yourself.

  Elizabeth Berkley
  This "Saved By The Bell" star really knows how to show her stuff!

  Halle Berry
  Now I know why she got the Academy Award. Hey, shouldn't she get two?

  Juliette Binoche
  Can you say -Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

  Yasmine Bleeth
  The former "Baywatch" star still sizzles in our eyes!

  Lisa Boyle
  "What? Who? Oh, her..." Must check out this performance.

Traci Bingham
This girl is amazingly hot. In fact I have to stop typing now so that I can free up my hands.

Sandra Bullock
You know Sandra for her blockbusters like "Speed" and "While You Were Sleeping"...

Neve Campbell
This "Party of Five" star get's a 10 from us.

Helena Bonham Carter
Tim Burton left Lisa Marie for her Helena - so she must be hot!

Jennifer Connelly
This Oscar-winning actress should get one for her "Beautiful Behind"

Courteney Cox
Attention police: The bra bandit strikes again! Will this crime spree ever end?

Nikki Cox
She sure gives Kelly Bundy some stiff competition.

Cindy Crawford
Super model indeed.
Penelope Cruz
Her name is Spanish for 'Me Love Top Gun Boy!'

Jamie Lee Curits
From "Trading Places" to "True Lies" she keeps her rep!

Olivia D’Abo
Looks like the Wonder Years Actress is wondering what happened to her clothes in Live Nude Girls.

Claire Danes
You know that chick from "My So-called Life"? Her ass is showing!

Laura Dern
One minute she’s a virgin, the next she’s a twenty year old sex maniac.

Cameron Diaz
"There's Definetly Something About Cameron." Hair gel, anyone?

Shannen Doherty
Former "Beverly Hills, 90210" bad girl exposed!

Kirsten Dunst
She was rated one of the most talented young actress in Tinseltown - and she's cute as hell too

Carmen Electra
Was once married to Dennis Rodman. Get it, "Rod" man.

Erika Eleniak
E.T. rated G to Playboy’s Babes to Baywatch in 2.5 seconds.

Shannon Elizabeth
Before she was served up in American Pie, Shannon had a date with a killer snowman!

Farrah Fawcett
Charlie’s Angel show us how it is done

Sherilyn Fenn
Is this the girl from Twin Peaks, or is this just a girl with twin peaks

Linda Fiorentino
See the sexy star of "The Last Seduction."

Heidi Fleiss
The jury is still out on the former Hollywood Madam. Is she worth it? See for yourself

Bridget Fonda
She comes from a long lineage of talented actors.

Gina Gershon
You can see her strut her stuff as she shows Elizabeth Berkley the ropes in Show Girls

Sarah Michelle Gellar
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Busty the Vampire Slayer" - You decide!

Heather Graham
Remember that scene in "Boogie Nights" where the girl has the skates on?

Daryl Hannah
She made a "Splash" on the big screen! Don't even go there.

Teri Hatcher
I'd hatch her - would you? (we apologize for the preceeding 19 letters)

Goldie Hawn
A true Hollywood sex symbol!

Salma Hayek
Maybe the hottest chick in Hollywood right now.

Anne Heche
She was once the girlfriend on "Ellen" star, Ellen DeGeneres. What will she think of next!

Natasha Henstridge
Remember the girl from "Species"? So do we...

Katie Holmes
When I think of "Dawson's Creek", I think of wholesome thoughts.

Lauren Holly
Whatever happened to Lauren? It's been 'moons' since we've seen her.

Kate Hudson
See the girl from "Almost Famous" get Almost Naked! Yeee Haaawww!

Helen Hunt
No, she doesn't have a brother named Mike. Thanks for asking.

Elizabeth Hurley
Really, what exactly was Hugh Grant thinking!?

Angelina Jolie
See why Billy Bob has that dumb grin on his face. Wait, he had that long before her.

Milla Jovovich
Easy to look - hard to pronounce.

Ashley Judd
Once dated Michael Bolton, but was also naked in movies several times. She's forgiven.

Nicole Kidman
The former Mrs. Tom Cruise from "Eyes Wide Shut"

James King
The Hottie from Pearl Harbor

Lil Kim
Nothing Little about this rapper-slash-half-dressed hottie!

Anna Kournikova
Murzik (my little pet) is not so little, at 5'8" with long golden locks she is almost impossible to miss. Don't let this Russian born, tennis superstar fool you!

Jennifer Jason Leigh
She was so naked in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" - We're talking, like, totally awsome!

Heather Locklear
It's about time the former Mrs Tommy Lee gets a Playboy pictorial.

Jennifer Lopez
JLo - Before she was money, she was on the "Money Train."

Courtney Love
Often outrageous, never boring, and certainly never, never shy!

Lucy Liu
One of Charlie's New Angels. See her before she became a star!

Elle MacPherson
This Australian beauty wowed us in Sports Illustrated

Rivaling Courtney Love for most outrageous, Madonna is a pop music Icon

Lisa Marie Smith
Former girlfriend of director Tim Burton! Hey, why do all the cool, good-looking guys get the chicks?

Rose McGowan
Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriend knows how to save money on dresses for Hollywood events

Demi Moore
Thank Goodness not all actress object to nude scenes.

Julianne Moore
Finally she has overcome her shyness.

Alanis Morissette
In her first video she was unrecognizable, in her second she was downright exposed

Sarah Jessica Parker
Star of Sex In The City, she exudes a raw sensuality.

Amanda Peet
Star of Saving Silverman, she's hot, hot, hot!

Michelle Pfeiffer
A Hollywood classic, she exudes a demure sensualitys

Bijou Phillips
She has music in her blood and good cheekbones in her DNA.

Born Alecia Moore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA...

Jada Pinkett
Wil Smith's wife has her own worthy acting credits.

Teri Polo
She might of covered up in Meet the Parents, but she wasn't shy before.

Jamie Pressley
A southern belle turned model turned actress.

Kelly Preston
Mrs. John Travolta might not have the acclaimed acting career, but has other assets.

Christina Ricci
Young and curvy, she's not a little girl anymore.

Denise Richards
A model turned actress, she turned on the heat in Wild Things

Molly Ringwald
This 80's teen flick star is all grown up.

Mimi Rogers
Tom Cruise's ex-wife is an actress and part time producer

Rene Russo
Who says you can't be sexy at 40 something. Rene Russo defies the odds

Winona Ryder
She might be a troubled actress of late, but she'll always be Hollywood's porcelain doll.

Susan Sarandon
Succesful and talented, she stands out among Hollywood's greats.

Greta Scacchi
What can we say - the pictures say it all.

Jane Seymour
She's got hair, hair and more hair.

Ally Sheedy
Part of the 80's brat pack, she's had her share of troubles...

Cybill Shepherd
A hottie in Taxi Driver, she's beautiful and talented

Alicia Silverstone
Her fluctuating weight, never stopped this young actress from looking sexy.

Ione Skye
She's certainly grown up since the teen flicks days of the 80's.

Britney Spears
She is the ultimate hottie so check out her photos.

Gwen Stefani
Lead singer for the band No Doubt.

Barbara Streisand
She might be known for her great soothing voice, but Barbara has two more assets to her credit.

Hilary Swank
She's certainly proven her acting abilites with acclaimed big screen roles.

Charlize Theron
This South-African goddess' star has risen faster than you can say "action"

Uma Thurman
Known for her exotic looks, this tall blonde is talented to boot

Robin Tunney Robin Tunney studied acting at the Chicago Academy for the Performing Arts...

Liv Tyler
Carrying on the "areola-smith" legacy in her film work.

Debra Winger
In the 70's she rose to fame in hits like Urban Cowboy and An Office and Gentleman

Kate Winslet
Forget those waif-like Hollywood actresses, Kate has a figure to beat them all.

Reese Witherspoon
She's young, rich and has a career that most actresses swoon over.

Renee Zellweger
She gained weight for her role in Bridget Jones Diary and showcased her British accent.
No Pic
Paris Hilton Sex Tape
Those hottest Sex Tape of the year featuring the blonde beauty in hardcore sex actions

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